About Syndy Pharma
"AYURVEDA" the word itself is derived from two Sanskrit words
AYU: meaning 'life', VEDA : meaning 'knowledge'.
Ayurveda in most simple words can be defined as the ancient system of holistic healing from India, is till date enjoying a widespread resurgence in popularity today.
Ayurveda or the 'Science of Life' is an ancient, holistic system for diagnosis and treatment, perhaps the oldest system of medicine known to humanity. Fundamental to ayurveda is the use of well-balanced combinations of plants and other agents in synergistic formulas. At Syndy, we have pioneered the use of modern science to rediscover and validate Ayurveda's secrets. We employ cutting edge research to create Pharmaceutical-grade ayurvedic products. Natural, effective and safe, these products have helped thousands of people live healthier, richer lives. Our focus is on wellness, on helping people get healthy and stay healthy.
R & D
Extensive Research :
The R&D has been instrumental in introducing effective products and in reprocessing certain ancient formulations into modern dosage forms.
Syndy Pharma believes that research and development is indispensable to growth. Highly talented researchers of Syndy Pharma are given substantial resources to carry out R & D activities. It spends significant amount of money on Research & Development, annually. The company realizes that innovative technologies are a factor for growth and success
Syndy Pharma formulated the basic commitment, a statement of management philosophy encapsulated in the slogan "Committed research to the future of Syndy Pharma". This philosophy is shared by Syndy Pharma, which becomes the market favorite as it gives the consumer what he wants
A centralized Quality Control & Analytical Research Laboratory has been set up to meet the domestic and international quality standards.
Syndy is one of the few companies in the country carrying out collaborative research, Syndy taps the best scientific talent in the country and has collaborations with leading R&D centers in India.
Syndy's qualified team and Collaborative scientists from reputed universities and institutes ensure products are of finest quality before they are put in Market.
For certain cerebrovascular disorders such as paraplegia, hemiplegia, etc., there is no effective treatment in the modern system of medicines. Hence, our Syndy Pharma developed a novel herbo-mineral formulation, namely, C-Kaps (new name is R-Kaps), which is most effective in treatment of Vata disorders, like Paraplegia, Hemiplegia and Facial paralysis. Extensive Research work has been carried out in testing the C-Kaps (new name is R-Kaps) for various cerebrovascular diseases.
We devolved a unique product for Dandruff by name Bello Anti Dandruff Gel. Normally for Dandruff shampoos are in use, where we will not give time to penetrate into the skin as we wash immediately. Hence shampoos are not that effective in controlling dandruff. To get out of this problem prolonged duration of application of drug is necessary, which is possible only with Bello Anti Dandruff Gel.
We have already developed an Herbal Face Cream for soothing and glossy complexion of Skin.
Apart from this, Syndy Pharma also undertakes research work in the Pharmaceutical analysis and determines the efficacy of various drugs by doing Bio-chemical, Histo-pathological and toxicological tests.
Our Objectives :
1. Determination of the efficacy of certain promising herbs in the treatment of various health disorders.
2. Cultivation, Collection, Identification and Maintenance of locally available medicinal plants.
3. Testing the herbal formulations, which were already mentioned in the ancient scriptures such as Charak Samhita etc., by conducting the modern Bio-chemical, Histo-pathological, Toxicological and modern pharmaceutical tests.
4. Developing new formulations, with locally available herbs, which are cost effective.
Our Research Team :
Our R&D team is a group of qualified, collaborative scientists from various Universities, Hospitals and Institutions as detailed below.
Contract Manufacturing
We're entrepreneurial having herbal manufacturing technical know-how with specialized equipment. We are GMP & ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We can work out economically and with attractive designs. Our experts will work with your team to. Our key strengths are Transparency, Quick responses and flexibility in operations.
We have manufacturing facilities for
Pain Balms (like Zandu Balm, Tiger balm, Vicks Cold Rub etc)
Inhalers (Vicks Inhalers)
Ointments (Like Move, Kumkumadi Lepam etc)
Shampoos & Wash (like V wash, Aloe vera Shampoo, Baby shampoo etc)
Creams (like Face Creams, Creaked Heal cream, Itch Gard etc)
Gels (like Aloe vera Gel, Shaving Gel, Herbal Sanitizer etc)
Lotions (Herbal body Moisturizing, baby milk lotion, Sun Screen Lotions etc)
Oils (Like Hair oils, Massage Oils etc)
Syrups (Herbal Formulations)
Capsules (Aphrodisiac, Anti oxidants etc)
Herbal Soaps (Like Hamam, Pears etc)
Ayurvedic Classical Medicated oils

Presently we are doing contract manufacturing for 5 foreign companies and 22 domestic companies.
We can also undertake contract manufacturing with your formulations and offer the strict protection of your intellectual property.
We can also supply products on third party basis with private label with your brand name in very reasonable prices with international quality standards.
Our services
We will arrange
  • License to Manufacture and Sale of new Brand in India
  • New formulas with R&D report.
  • Analytical report from WHO approved Laboratories
  • Creating Designs for Labels and Cartoons
  • Designing of attractive packing
  • Bar-Code.
  • Arranging product knowledge with Qualified Doctors
Our franchises
We are looking finically sound parties who can market our product on franchises bases area wise or district wise or state wise. For terms and conditions, please fill the following details and submit.
Our clinics cum Outlets
Dr. Dubagunta Bhaskara Rao
Gudavallivari Street, Governerpet,
VIJAYAWADA – 520 002.
Phone No.: 0091 866 – 2571160.
Dr. D.Ravi Kumar
Sub court Street,
KAVALI – 524 201
Phone No : 0091 8626 – 241202, 241437

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